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El Paso Corvette Club By-Laws and Rules



In order to promote the interest in Corvette automobile ownership and operation, and to further establish an organized effort to encourage others to participate in the ownership and enjoyment connected with the use of said automobile; to hold meetings, affairs, rendezvous, and other gatherings; public and private to advance said purpose. The EL PASO CORVETTE CLUB (herein after referred to as the Club) a not-for-profit organization hereby adopts these revised by-laws as herein stated.


Mission Statement – The purpose of the El Paso Corvette Club shall be the promotion of the Chevrolet Corvette and the enthusiast by planning road trips, social gatherings, the supporting charity events and giving back to our community. Dedicated to having fun and driving the only true American Sport Car, The Chevrolet Corvette.



Article I --- Membership


Section 1. Members

Membership shall be limited to owners or principal operators of Chevrolet Corvette motor sport vehicles. Members of the Club shall not be members of any other Corvette Club within the El Paso, Texas area to include attendance of meetings, events or social activities.  Members who violate the “No Dual Member Rule” or are untruthful on the application can be expelled from the Club.  Each member must commit to participating/attending the minimum of (8) eight events throughout the year January through December

(Exemption-Living outside the El Paso County Area).


a. Primary Members must own a Chevrolet Corvette at the time of membership application and/or renewal and must be at least 18 years of age. In the event a primary member disposes of their Corvette, (he or she) will have a one year grace period in which to acquire another Corvette. New Primary memberships are subject for review/voted upon by the Officers of the Club. 



b. Secondary Members are those associated with a Primary member. Secondary members must be related to the Primary member                                

(i.e. spouse, brother, sister, father, mother, niece, nephew, cousin, son, daughter, grandchild and other).  Secondary members may hold an officer position in the Club.


c. Associate Members are limited to anyone not currently owning a Corvette, but are interested in the Corvette hobby and must be sponsored by an active member of the Club. Active members may sponsor more than one associate member.  Associate members shall not hold office or vote on any issue brought before the club. Associate members must be at least 18 years of age.


Section 2. Resignation

Any member may resign by submitting a written resignation with the Secretary, but such resignation shall not relieve the member of the obligation to pay dues, assessments, or other charges theretofore accrued and unpaid.


Section 3. Suspension

A member may be suspended for a period of time or expelled for the violation of any by-laws or rules of the Club. Suspension shall be ordered only after violating procedures set forth in Article VI herein.


Section 4. Expulsion

 Any member whose actions may cause embarrassment to the Club at a Club function or for conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the Club, will be brought to the attention of Club officers. The Officers will hold a special meeting to review the allegations to determine if further action is to be taken. If it is decided that further action is needed, the subject member shall be in attendance at the next regular scheduled meeting of the Club to defend their actions to the Club’s general membership. The Club may take action whether the member is present at the business meeting or not. Expulsion shall be ordered only after violating procedures set forth in Article VI herein.  





Section 1. Annual Dues

The general membership shall vote when deemed necessary to determine the amount of the annual dues payable by Primary, Secondary and Associate members to the Club. The annual dues are from January through December.


Section 2. Payment of Dues

Dues shall be payable no later than October 31 for the following fiscal year of the Club for the Club.

Dues paid after the first day of November will be considered late and the membership dues are that of a new member.


Section 3. Privileges

 Active Primary and Secondary members in good standing are entitled to all Club privileges and benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Voting

  • Holding elected positions

  • Club identification items


a. Associate members are entitled to all club privileges as outlined in the by-laws (Article 1 Section 1c).


Section 4. Application

All members must submit an application for membership and upon being accepted become a member of the Club.




Section 1. General Powers

The business and affairs of the Club shall be managed by its general membership. 


Section 2. Duties

The general membership may:

a. Hold meetings at such time and places as it deems necessary.

b. Admit members, suspend or expel them.

c. Appoint committees from its membership.

d. Devise and carry into execution such measures as it deems  

     necessary to promote the objectives of the Club and to  

     best protect the interest and welfare of the membership.


Section 3. Monthly Meetings

Regular meetings of the general membership shall be held every month at such locations as is determined by the general membership. Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the President upon the written request of any ten (10) members.


Section 4. Notice of Meetings

A written or e-mail notice of each regular or any special meeting of the general membership stating the time, place, date and purpose thereof shall be mailed at least seven (7) days prior to the date of such meeting. Notices will also be placed on the website. It is the members’ responsibility to maintain a correct address or e-mail information with the Club and to check the website for updates.


Section 5. Quorum

The voting membership in attendance at any regularly scheduled or special meeting, for which notice was given, constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 6. Annual Meeting

The meeting in October shall be the month when Officers will be nominated for the following year.  Elections will be held the following month in November of each year.


Article IV - Board of Directors, Officers, and Representatives


Section 1. Board of Directors  

The Board Director is the President from the previous year to oversee and assist all of the officers of the Club 


Section 2. Officers

a. President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Club, and in the recess of the general membership, shall have the general control and management of its business and affairs. However, the President has the right to delegate any specific powers, except such as may have been exclusively bestowed upon the President, to any other officer of the Club. He/she shall preside over all meetings and shall maintain an up-to-date record of all Club property, which shall include the name of any individual member charged with temporary custody thereof. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.


b. Vice President: The Vice-President will assume command in the event the President is not able to discharge his duties. The Vice President is in charge of all activities and may call together committees to assist in the events that he deems necessary.


c. Secretary: The Secretary will attend all meetings of the Club including monthly, annual, or special sessions and keep a record of all discussions therein. The Secretary will keep a log of all votes taken both written and oral. The Secretary will maintain a record of all Club activities including general meeting notices, activities/events of the Club, newsletters and documents of the Club. The by-laws will be held by the Secretary and taken to each meeting for the general membership to review as needed.  In the absence of the Secretary, the President or Vice President will delegate the duty to another Officer. 


d. Treasurer: The Treasurer will record and maintain an accurate record of all financial records and will document all receipts and expenditures for the Club. The Treasurer will ensure that all deposits are made monthly.  The Treasurer will report to the general membership at each meeting and make the books available monthly. The Treasurer will have the books reviewed and signed by an officer appointed by the President at each monthly meeting.  The Treasurer will file any forms necessary with the state and federal governments including tax forms to the IRS. The Treasurer is responsible for the P.O. Box.


e. Sergeant at Arms: The Sgt. at Arms will maintain order at all meetings and has the right to expel (from the meetings) any member who is being disruptive.


f. Officer (s) at Large: The Officer(s) at Large are officers assigned to key specific duties within the Club i.e. Hospitality, Parking, Judging and any other duty deemed necessary to the officers.  The President and Officers of the Club will determine how many officers at large are deemed necessary. The President and Officers will assign duties to each officer at large.


Section 3.Webmaster

     The Webmaster will ensure that the website is current and up to date. The Webmaster will have at least two other members assisting him/her with the taking/uploading of pictures and maintaining of the Facebook site. Ultimately, the Webmaster will oversee and be the director of the website.  The Webmaster is not officially an Officer position.



Article V --- Club Activities


Section 1. Voting

Voting may be conducted on a written ballot or a show of hands.  Primary and Secondary Members of the Club may vote.

  1. Membership vote is majority of the general members present at            

the meeting.

b. Business voting may be conducted either verbally or by show of  


c. Notification - Proper notification of a proposed vote to notify

    all members of a proposed change, one month in advance of the

    scheduled regular monthly meeting. Notifications shall be sent

    through the website, mail (postal service or email) or in



Article VI --- Amendments & Ratifications

All Articles and the Club Mission Statement may be modified in accordance with the rules of the by-laws as written here-in.


Section 1. Amendments  

Amendments are changes to the by-laws and shall be entered into the by-laws by replacing the outdated/unneeded regulations.  The by-laws are changed by the general membership by vote and require at least majority of the membership present at the meeting by written ballot. The ratified amendments to the by-laws shall go into effect immediately upon adoption, unless a motion to adopt specifies a later date/time to go into effect.


Section 2. Conflicts and Interpretation

Any discrepancies or conflicts of interpretation within this document shall be resolved by the Officers. 


Section 3. Personal Liability

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with or having any claims against the Club, or the Officers, shall look only to the funds of the Club for payment of any such contract or claim, or the payment of any debt, damage judgement or decree or any other money that may otherwise become due and payable to them from the Club or its Officers. Neither the members of the Club, nor the Officers, past, present or future, shall be personally liable for any such contract, claims, debt, damage, judgement or decree.


Article VII --- Procedural Manual


Section 1. Conduct

Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. The membership conduct is a reflection of the Club.

a. Suggestions & Constructive Criticisms: All suggestions and criticisms shall be sent to the officers in written form where they will be reviewed and introduced to the members at the next meeting.  Any discussions at the time will cease until officers have had time to review the written suggestion and or criticism. Any item under discussion will be tabled immediately.


Section 2.  Awards

 Awards will be distributed at the particular event. Other awards will be distributed at the next available general membership meeting.


Section 3. Club Apparel and Club items

 Club apparel will be made available to members at cost with the Club making no profit.


Section 4. Club rules

a. Website/Facebook - Purpose of the website is to keep the members and the general public informed about events occurring in the region. The Webmaster will ensure the website is operational and will submit any invoices for the operation of the website to the Treasurer for payment. The Facebook site is to keep current the happenings of the Club to other clubs/general public and to send/receive information.


b. Donations for charities will have a written receipt for the donation made.  Donations will be detailed in the monthly financial report prepared by the Treasurer.  No donations by the Club will be made to any organization that is not a tax exempt charity or a not for profit organization and must be an organization that will keep all funds donated by the Club here in El Paso, Texas.


c. The Banquet will be held in January of each year.


d. Funds -A member must acquire the funds from the Treasurer or utilize the Club’s debit card/check and must turn in a receipt for any item purchased. All purchases must be authorized. No member shall be reimbursed for Club purchases. 


e. Incorporated - The Club will be incorporated and have all documents filed with the state and federal governments on time.


f. Event proceeds dispersal - Dispersal of donations to charities must be made within the calendar year.  



Last Edited on November 7, 2016